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03.09.2018, 10:31

The Decade of Good in Kazan: charity fairs and competitions for special children

This year the format and scale of the decade within the framework of the project “Good Kazan” has been expanded.

(KZN.RU, September 3, Alsu Safina). In the first days of September, the third autumn Decade of Good takes place in the capital of Tatarstan under the auspices of the urban project “Good Kazan”. It started with the presenting of the Diary of Good Deeds to the first graders on the Knowledge Day. In the days of the decade, good lessons will be held in schools, competitions for special children will take place in Kazan, a photo exhibition “Gift of Destiny”, and charity fairs will be organized in parks on September 8. Denis Kalinkin, the head of the Executive Committee, noted at the Business Monday that the scale and format of the events of the Decade of Good is expanding, and a community of citizens is being formed in the city with the idea of good and mutual assistance.

“We started with school fairs, then went to parks, and now there are many sports events, including special children. Charity funds with a variety of projects joined the marathon. We welcome absolutely all good undertakings”, noted Denis Kalinkin. “Such events allow the funds, children, and active citizens to show themselves. But more importantly, they form a whole community of citizens with the idea of good and mutual assistance. It is necessary to involve as many people in this community as possible. Only then can we justly call ourselves Good Kazan”.

According to D. Kalinkin, this line of work is not inferior in its importance to programs for overhaul, improvement or construction of social infrastructure facilities. “We will continue to develop this direction”, he added. “It depends on us will our children become merciful or indifferent, on our behavior, on what we say and how we act”.

On the Day of Knowledge, more than 17 thousand first-graders of Kazan received a Diary of Good Deeds as a gift. This tradition was laid in 2016, since September 2017, the portal was launched. It provides the motivational contests and quizzes for schoolchildren. During this time, 45 thousand diaries were handed over, 27 thousand users were registered on the portal.

Airat Faizov, the chairman of the Committee for Children and Youth Affairs, said that fr om 4 to 7 of September, good lessons will take place in the city. Each one will be dedicated to topics of kindness and charity. “Representatives of state and municipal authorities, heads of charitable funds and public organizations, well-known journalists, sportsmen, artists, public figures, and bloggers will share their own stories with students”, noted A. Faizov.

 On September 1, the “Good Food Truck” resumed its work. 6 days a week, all those in need can get hot food free of charge in various parts of the city. The “Good Food Truck” went to the streets of the city from November 2017 to May 2018, providing distribution of 60 portions of food 6 times a week.

This year, the charitable public organization “Zoozabota” organizes a photo exhibition “Gift of Destiny” for the first time. It will show photos of families who took a pet from the shelter. The photo exhibition will take place on September 6 in the Gorky Park. “The organizers of the exhibition want to inspire Kazan residents to consciously acquire a new four-legged member of the family. Also, they try to say that the mestizo (a thoroughbred dog) is no worse than a thoroughbred dog”, said the chairman of the Committee for Children and Youth Affairs. “At the opening of the event, the organizers promise a festive atmosphere and a reception standing for dogs”.

A number of sporting events will take place within the Decade of Good in Kazan.

From 6 to 8 of September, about 100 children with Down syndrome will take part in the All-Russian Open Swimming Tournament “Pobedim Vmeste!” (Rus. “Let’s win together”). It will be held in the swimming pool “Akcharlak”. Within two days, girls and boys with Down syndrome in three age groups will compete in different distances. The organizers are the Kazan Executive Committee and the Charity Fund for the Promotion of Humanitarian and Sports Development “PObedim Vmeste”.

From 7 to 9 of September, the Youth Center “Volga” will host the tournament “Good Football”. Its participants will be children from disadvantaged families, social centers, and children in a difficult life situation. The tournament will gather 16 teams from all over Tatarstan.

On September 12, an autumn bike ride for special children will be in the Gorkinsko-Ometievsky forest. The competition was organized by the Charitable Fund “Alpari” in conjunction with the Sovetskiy district’s administration and the bicycle club “Nigonki”. A. Faizov recalled that on August 30, a charity festival “VeloDobro” was held, wh ere 30 repaired bicycles were given to children from low-income and disadvantaged families.

One of the central events of the Decade of Good is the Good Fair, they are scheduled for September 8. From 10 am to 2 pm, charitable bazaars will take place in the park Gorky, Uritsky, Kontinent, Gorkinsko-Ometievsky forests. Everyone can buy crafts and sweets prepared by children. The collected funds will be transferred to implement projects of Kazan charitable funds.

A detailed schedule of all events can be found at dobro.kzn.ru.

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