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23.09.2019, 12:49

I.Metshin: "The work on the improvement of the recreation comfort for citizens should be a priority"

The flow of visitors to parks and squares of Kazan has doubled compared to last year.

Over the past summer season, from May 4 to September 15, 907 events were held in 20 public spaces of Kazan. They were visited by more than 467 thousand people, which is twice more than last year. Today, the head of the Directorate of parks and squares Marat Zakirov told more about the results of the season on a Business Monday.

The entertaining program under the name "Park culture" was organized this summer in the parks and squares of the city. The main task of all the events was to raise the level of culture, get acquainted with new types of creativity and art, scope the city parks with modern events.

"Public garden" event is held in Gorkinsky-Ometievsky wood the second year in a row. The ice cream festival in the Gorky park was visited by 14.5 thousand people.

“We have set new tasks in the musical field as well. In February 2019, we conducted a survey that showed that citizens have a lack of music concerts in the parks. So, in July the first festival of the musical instruments "Octave" was held in the park "Chernoe ozero" and a concert of the popular singer Gayana. At Gorkinsky-Ometievsky wood there was a traditional concert of Tatar pop music, and a concert in memory of Viktor Tsoi", - said the head of the Directorate of parks and squares.

Also, in the summer there was an annual Summer book festival, all-Russian action "Movie Night" in the Gorky Park, “Green fitness” workouts and more.

Seven urban public spaces have hosted events of the project "Enjoy life" for the older generation.

"For the first time, the public spaces of Kazan have become venues for the cultural program of the world event – the WorldSkills 2019 championship, more than 60 thousand people visited the parks during the six days," M.Zakirov said.

The mayor of Kazan
Ilsur Metshin appreciated the work of the Directorate of parks and squares.
"The audience of half a million visitors is a significant figure for the
young organization, given the fact that we have just begun and seeking for
various forms of work with the population at different times of the year. But
this is only the beginning, we need to grow both in quantity and quality. The
work on the improvement the recreation comfort of citizens should be a
priority", - said the mayor and urged to study the experience of other
cities of the country.
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Business Monday 23.09.2019
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23.09.2019 11:45
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