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17.04.2019, 17:42

I. Shakirov: “The rules have become harder, but it was done to fight unscrupulous entrepreneurs”

(KZN.RU, April 17, Alena Miroshnichenko). Features of the placement of objects of seasonal and non-stationary trade were discussed today at the meeting in the Kazan Executive Committee. Ildar Shakirov, the deputy head of the Kazan Executive Committee, held the meeting with entrepreneurs.

Ruslan Fazylyanov, the chairman of the Committee of Consumer Market, said that the number of seasonal trade facilities has decreased this year. This is due to the fact that many of them are located on the territory of public spaces where tenders for the right to lease are played by the Directorate of parks and squares. “In addition, places that had previously not attracted interest from entrepreneurs and which received many complaints from residents were removed”, said the speaker. Currently, the scheme has 261 places, including 20 places for cafes, 59 places for selling melons, vegetables and fruits, 51 places for selling ice cream and 90 places for summer terraces and stationary cafes. Auctions at these spots will be completed this month, and work will start on May 1.

Speaking about changes in the organization of seasonal trade, I. Shakirov noted that this year it was decided to combine various points of sale in the assortment, for example, drinks and ice cream. “This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to bid at the auction together”, he explained.

R. Fazylyanov also focused on the appearance of seasonal trade objects. “They must comply with standard designs. As in the past year, together with the administrations of the districts, we will conduct the acceptance of these objects. Without this, they will not work”, said the speaker.

Then they raised the issue of the organization of non-stationary trade at the business meeting. “The year-round facilities currently have a scheme for 738 seats. As of today, 245 contracts have been concluded, 207 with businessmen who have priority rights. Currently, auctions are announced. 19 places for bakery goods, 18 places for the sale of water and food products, 7 places for non-food products and 8 places for catering and flowers were put up for the right to conclude an agreement”, reported R. Fazylyanov. In the current month, the plans are to announce the acceptance of applications for the realization of rights to place accommodation in compensatory places. The registry includes 90 such places.

“We plan to complete all the work on NPO in July. To date, 13 applications for acceptance have been received, I urge all entrepreneurs to be more active. We went to meet you, and gave everyone a postponement until the summer in order to bring the pavilions in proper shape”, I.Shakirov addressed to businessmen.

Among the issues that interested entrepreneurs, are the unresolved fate of specific objects, the possibility of installing atypical objects, amending the draft law on NPO, transferring pavilions of non-stationary year-round trading by inheritance and others.

“We do not have the task of pressing business. We have one requirement: to comply with the terms of the contract. Do you want to work legally? You are welcome! All opportunities for this are created. We are open for the dialog and intend to bring order to the street trade over the summer”, said I. Shakirov.

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The placement of objects of seasonal and non-stationary trade has been discussed in the Executive Committee
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