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25.04.2019, 13:38

An engineer, a programmer, and a musician: a Kazan eighth-grader constructed a device to detect gas leaks

(KZN.RU, April 25, Alina Berezhnaya). Artem Mukhachev, a student of the 8 grade at the school №122 named after Zaitsev of the Moskovsky district of Kazan, has designed a device for detecting gas leaks. The smart car took the second place at the IV All-Russian Scientific Conference of Students named after N. Lobachevsky where 553 gifted schoolchildren of the country took part. Portal KZN.RU met with Artem Mukhachev and found out how he got the idea to create a gas analyzer, how the device will be used in everyday life and what else a schoolboy plans to make with his own hands.

Talking with Artem, you cannot even say that he is only 14 years old. Despite his young age, he reasons like an adult. “Recently in the country, residents often suffer from gas leaks. I wanted to prevent these tragedies. Each person should be useful to society and leave something after himself”, Artem shares his thoughts. Actually, these arguments pushed the student to construct a device for detecting gas leaks.

Four wheels, a plastic carcass, wires, a board, there is nothing extraordinary in the device at first glance. But a smart car can sense the excess level of propane or butane in the apartment and even send a gas leak message to the phone. The device is controlled through a special application. “This is my first invention, I spent 2 weeks on its creation. Pavel Korchagin, my supervisor, senior teacher of the Department of Radiophysics of the Institute of Physics of the KFU, and my dad helped me to implement the idea. The most interesting thing for me was to design”, said Artem.

The student has plans to modify the car, make it available for use in everyday life.

The love of computers is in the blood of a young genius, his father is a programmer. “I help my father develop various programs. We spend a lot of time together, he is my main teacher”, explained the student.

Artem’s week is full-scheduled. Not only school, programming classes, but also music is included a busy schedule. From the age of three, the high school student plays the piano, and now he masters playing the guitar. Artem often acts as an accompanist at various music competitions. “Music for me is a part of life. When I play, I completely relax, so I look for inspiration and new ideas”, says Artem.

However, despite the love of music, Artem wants to devote his life to the IT industry, after 11th grade, he plans to enter the Kazan Federal University.

When asked how to do everything in time, the student answers simply: “The main thing is to love what you are doing and devote your whole soul to it”.

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