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09.08.2018, 10:50

Kazan citizens can buy a toy donkey, the mascot of Anton Belyaev at the “Auction of Good”

The current bid is 3 thousand rubles.

(KZN.RU, August 9). The third “Auction of Good” within the charity project of the fund “Day of Good Deeds” was launched on the electronic trading platform Onlinecontract. It will last until 10 am on August 23. The lot is one of the toy donkeys, the talisman of Anton Belyaev, a musician, the founder and front-man of Therr Maitz, the semi-finalist of the project “The Voice”.

The band with an unusual name and English-language repertoire became famous in 2013. Then Anton Belyaev charmed the jury and spectators of the second season of the TV show “The Voice”. He appeared in the original image of a hooligan pianist with a hoarse timbre, a steep spectacle frame, and a toy donkey-talisman.

At one time, Anton Belyaev bought a donkey for his future wife Yulia. The first part on the stage for the toy was at the festival “Maxidrom”. The musician put him to the leg with an adhesive tape, where he hung the entire concert.

The toy donkey Plyusha Bi Junior became a real star of the television after a joint performance with Anton in the TV show “The Voice”. Anton Belyaev donated one of his donkey toys to the project “Auction of Good” to help the fund “Day of Good Deeds”.

The starting price for a toy is 1500 rubles. The minimum amount of a bid that a participant can make is determined by the organizers at 300 rubles. The current rate is 3 thousand rubles.

Participation in the “Auctions of Good” does not require contributions. The winner is the participant who gave the highest bid, and the funds for the lot payment are transferred directly to the charity fund account through the service Dobro.Mail.Ru. The goal of the project is to help the wards of the fund and draw public attention to the issue of charity.

Previously the winning stick with the autograph of Alexander Burmistrov was sold at auction for 40 thousand rubles. Thanks to these funds, 4 children were assisted in the project “особенныедети.рф”.

The kokoshnik of singer Tina Kuznetsova has been sold at the second auction for 3 thousand rubles.

You can visit dobro.onlc.ru to view past auctions and take part in new ones, said the organizers.

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