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10.07.2018, 11:21

The kokoshnik of Kazan finalist of the project “The Voice” Tina Kuznetsova has been put on a charity auction

(KZN.RU, July 10). Today, the second “auction of good” was launched within the charity project of the fund “Day of Good Deeds” and the electronic trading platform Onlinecontract. There is a kokoshnik of singer Tina Kuznetsova, which she was wearing in the final of the project “The Voice”. Anyone can become a buyer, participation in the auction does not require contributions. The payment for the lot is made only after its completion. The proceeds will be sent to help the wards of the fund “Day of Good Deeds”.

Tina Kuznetsova is a Russian singer, composer, arranger, founder and vocalist of music projects Zventa Sventana and My-Ti, finalist of the second season of the television project “The Voice”. Lot of the auction, a gorgeous kokoshnik, made by master Alexey Chentsov. The initial price of the kokoshnik is 1000 rubles. The minimum bid is determined by the organizers in 200 rubles. The period is from July 10 to July 23. You can follow the auctions and take part in them on the website dobro.onlc.ru, said the organizers.

The first auction was held in June. The stick with the autograph of Alexander Burmistrov was sold for 40 thousand rubles.

Auctions will be posted on the website dobro.onlc.ru once a month. Goods and services for sale are provided by well-known personalities: artists, sportsmen, businessmen, and others. They donate valuable, memorable things to them for sale at an auction, and the proceeds will be spent on charity fund projects. Participation in the auction does not require contributions. The winner is the participant who gave the highest bid. He transfers money for the payment of the lot directly to the account of the charitable fund through the service Dobro Mail.Ru.

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